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Daek William is a fascinating artist with an unique and terrific style and is currently based in New York. He has exhibited in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth among many other cities. His tricky paintings captivate with mechanic and moving parts. Also have a look on his facebook here.

Daek WilliamQuestion And AnswerCHICKEN OR BEEF? Describe yourself/your work/your studio in a few words.
DAEK My studio currently resides in an empty violin case found on the street. plush purple inside and portable. My work is a representation of influence, admiration and fun colour ways and if possible add a perverted splash of breast. Lastly myself, the internet since 1995, awkward socialising, out going, adventurous, Great s.o.h looking for couples and groups for friends and benefits. whats up the Hun!

COB? What has been your latest travel location?
DAEK Currently i am residing in New York, Brooklyn, East Williamsburg, Corner of Grand and union, sitting on a black crate staring at a white car which has ‘no hard feelings’ sticker on it the path is a tone of grey and everything feels dirty.

COB? For business or for holiday?
DAEK I came to williamsburg to find the hip hops. unfortunately i think they have been misplaced. In my spare time i dance in a strange land of the art with poets of mischief, animals barking with strange visions that some how make you their servant and puppet shows that go into the night. How ever i think i need to buy a nice suit, start drinking wine that doesn’t come in a 4 litre bag and work on my hand job skills.

Daek William

Daek William at work

COB? What will be your next destination?
DAEK I will be travelling to the heart land of the hopeless, the economic failure, the heartland of american abandoned, where mother nature is taking back and young people are taking the control and making a colourful playground wonderland, but don’t take a right here you still might get shot. Detroit apparently.

COB? Do you draw inspiration out of traveling?
DAEK Only when i travel to different pastures of my mind, pretty much the world looks the same when your face is inches from a wall, canvas or paper, the atmosphere feel different and the soda is sweetened corn syrup or real can sugar, basically take a hold of your other senses because your pretty much blind.

COB? Chicken or beef, when the stewardess asks you?
DAEK Depending on the side order vegetables or rice, rice over vegetables but usually chicken, i think processed chicken is more inviting.

COB? Five things you take with you on a solitary island?
DAEK The internet (entertainment) , the bio dome (resources), a real doll (companionship) tool case (construction) & port authority hand book (i just created my own town and you want in).

COB? Who should be asked next these questions?
DAEK I Recommend the last chance world art collective, Sean Morris or Creepy, there witty comments and light hearted lifestyle will make you feel good somewhere in-between your pants and your heart which will make you immediately turn to your friend and demand a soothing hug.

COB? Thanks a lot Daek!

Trailer Park Diner&Gunshop Sean Morris by Daek William

Trailer Park Diner&Gunshop Sean Morris by Daek William

Broken Toothbrushes Building Dreams Creepy by Daek William

Broken Toothbrushes Building Dreams Creepy by Daek William

Henry Ford by Daek William

Henry Ford by Daek William