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Ryan Beavers is a San Francisco based artist who says, that he makes art and skateboards for fun. Isn’t his art too professional to be described as fun?!

Artist Ryan Beavers

Question And AnswerCHICKEN OR BEEF? Describe yourself/your work/your studio in a few words.
RYAN I live in San Francisco, California. I enjoy days off from being paid to wash dishes, take out garbage, and sweep the floor. Part time I also work as an art assistant. On days of luck, I skateboard with the homies or make conceptual illustrations with graphite, spray paint, and gouache on paper. My illustrations deal with working class values within subcultures.  Right now our apartment is my studio since rent is so out of control.  I also like to write my name on things that don’t belong to me and hang out with my wife and our dog.

ARTIST RYAN BEAVERSCOB? What has been your latest travel location?
RYAN My wife and I recently got married in Las Vegas by Elvis. We partied at the Golden Nugget Vegas for a few days and then split to Hawaii for our honeymoon. It was sick. We snorkeled with dolphins and I almost drown cause I am not a very good swimmer… I don’t surf.  I had never snorkeled before and was hung over, it was like 6am. Those dudes just kick you off the boat in deep ass water and say go swim with dolphins. It was gnarly. 
Mostly we just chilled and had sexy time. I did skate the park and catch some tags too.

COB? For business or for holiday?
RYAN Its always better on holiday, but I always take care of business.

COB? What will be your next destination?
RYAN Going to visit family in my hometown, Toledo, Ohio. Haven’t been there for a while, need some family time.

COB? Do you draw inspiration out of traveling?
RYAN Of course, during all the waiting around while traveling I like to sketch. I am also greatly inspired by being out of my everyday routine. Lately I have been into observing the differences in cities’ use of certain street objects, like trash/ recycling receptacles, orange barrels/ cones, barriers, parking meters, skate stoppers, port-a-johns,etc. Since skaters and graffiti writers naturally are drawn to these objects while the general population seems to ignore them.

COB? Chicken or beef, when the stewardess asks you?
RYAN Neither, I am vegetarian because of my concern for the treatment of animals during “food” production. I usually get some beers and snacks.

Artist Ryan BeaversCOB? Five things you take with you on a solitary island?
RYAN 1.) Wife 2.) My Dog 3.) Skateboard 4.) beers 5.) a city full of modernist architecture with no people except the homies.

COB? Who should be asked next these questions?
RYAN Paul Solis.

COB? Thanks a lot Ryan!