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Today we asked Jim Coles aka Om Unit:

Question And Answer

Jim Coles aka Om Unit

Jim Coles aka Om Unit

CHICKEN OR BEEF? Describe yourself/your work/your studio in a few words.
JIM I am a full-time Music Producer and DJ.

COB? What has been your latest travel location?
JIM I went to Madrid to play last weekend, at a great little club called Sirocco, for a promotion called “Post Club” with Throwing Snow who is also from London. Great show! packed basement action.

COB? For business or for holiday?
JIM Bit of both surely!

COB? What will be your next destination?
JIM Tomorrow night I play in Prague, I’ve never been before and i’m looking forward to it a lot.

Silent Dust - The Giant (Om Unit Remix)

COB? Do you draw inspiration out of traveling?
JIM Always, when you are not surrounded by the day-to-day things, it challenges you and you can express yourself with less of the known limitations I think.

COB? Chicken or beef, when the stewardess asks you?
JIM I fly cheap airlines so i go for the cheese melt standard

COB? Five things you take with you on a solitary island?
JIM drum kit
solar powered recording device.
sugar cane for making my own rum
some kind of reading device with an internet connection
a boat load of acoustic instruments

COB? Who should be asked next these questions?
JIM Nightwave

COB? Thanks a lot Jim!