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Today we asked Laurent Fintoni from – a non-profit project that connects cultures through modern performing arts, focusing on the fields of music and the visual arts. OriginalCultures is based in Bologna, Italy as well as in London, England.

Question And Answer

Laurent Fintoni, OriginalCultures

Laurent Fintoni, OriginalCultures

CHICKEN OR BEEF? Describe yourself/your work/your studio in a few words.
LAURENT Writer by trade. Web worker by need. Recently I’ve been working from home most of the time. My desk is covered in toys from Japan and memorabilia.

COB? What has been your latest travel location?
LAURENT Technically Berlin, though I’m about to go to Galway and Limerick tomorrow.

COB? For business or for holiday?
LAURENT Bit of both, I tend to always travel to places where I know people and so try to mix it up.

COB? What will be your next destination?
LAURENT After Ireland it’ll be Holland. Then Spain. Then Japan if all goes to plan.

Original Cultures 'From Inner Space' - The Documentary

COB? Do you draw inspiration out of traveling?
LAURENT Yes very much so. London’s great but it grinds you down, getting out of it for any length is essential to staying sane and realising when you come back that it’s not such a bad place to live in.

COB? Chicken or beef, when the stewardess asks you?
LAURENT Beef all the way. Airline chicken always tastes of nothing.

COB? Five things you take with you on a solitary island?
LAURENT My laptop, a dongle for internet connecting, the latest book i’m reading, note pad and a pen.

COB? Who should be asked next these questions?
LAURENT Jim Coles aka Om Unit.

COB? Thanks a lot Laurent!