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As big sticker-aficionados we were happy to play the Question&Answer-game together with Ryo Sanada from the London/Jakarta-based creative studio The SRK. Having launched books as Stickerbomb 1 and 2, the studio is going to release a Stickerbomb Letters book which is scheduled to be on 28th March 2012. In addition to that the SRK has gone on to work with and for clients such as Polydor Records, ARTE TV, the BBC, Laurence King Publishing MTV among many others and a whole host of international non-governmental organisations. Also check out their Stickerbomb Facebook site here.

Question And Answer

Ryo Sanada from the SRK

Ryo Sanada, The SRK

CHICKEN OR BEEF? Describe yourself/your work/your studio in a few words.
RYO We are videographers, documentarians and authors.

COB? What has been your latest travel location?
RYO Jakarta, Indonesia.

COB? For business or for holiday?
RYO I always like to mix it up. I like the satisfaction of when you get to do a bit of both.

COB? What will be your next destination?
RYO Somewhere else in Asia probably.

Music video for Goth-Trad (Japanese dubstep producer)

Stickerbomb Letters by The SRK

Stickerbomb Letters: scheduled to come out 28th March 2012!

COB? Do you draw inspiration out of traveling?
RYO Yes. But not from a ’sit by the beach for a week’ kind of traveling.
More from exploring new cities and trying to meet people doing interesting work.

COB? Chicken or beef, when the stewardess asks you?
RYO Chicken for me! Airline beef is too chewy.

COB? Five things you take with you on a solitary island?
RYO Food.
Bottle of rum.
Big speakers!

COB? Who should be asked next these questions?
RYO Laurent FIntoni from Original Cultures.org

COB? Thanks a lot Ryo!